Great college level player but needs to grow more to be at the NFL level!

juke right

Several weeks into Tim Tebow’s stint with the New England Patriots, I think I am prepared to make some initial, roughly formed, non-football related observations on his time with the team.

I specify ‘non-football’ because I don’t intend to make very many observations about his play on the field. That’s partly because many other people have done that and will continue to do that. It’s mostly because I don’t genuinely care about how poorly or how well Tim Tebow plays on the field, a sentiment I don’t wish to be confused for apathy. I’ll explain this more later.

With clarifications out of the way, I can say the most significant thing I’ve learned in his short tenure with the New England Patriots is that most people like Tim Tebow. I know that doesn’t sound very important or insightful, but I think it is. That’s because common knowledge seems to…

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