Roughly Formed Non-Football Observations on Tim Tebow

Great college level player but needs to grow more to be at the NFL level!

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Several weeks into Tim Tebow’s stint with the New England Patriots, I think I am prepared to make some initial, roughly formed, non-football related observations on his time with the team.

I specify ‘non-football’ because I don’t intend to make very many observations about his play on the field. That’s partly because many other people have done that and will continue to do that. It’s mostly because I don’t genuinely care about how poorly or how well Tim Tebow plays on the field, a sentiment I don’t wish to be confused for apathy. I’ll explain this more later.

With clarifications out of the way, I can say the most significant thing I’ve learned in his short tenure with the New England Patriots is that most people like Tim Tebow. I know that doesn’t sound very important or insightful, but I think it is. That’s because common knowledge seems to…

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Questions Raised Regarding How Paul Tagliabue’s Personal Rheumatologist Became the NFL’s Expert On Brain Injuries

These hits should be closely monitored and fines imposed!

V e t P o l i t i c s


For years, Dr. Elliot Pellman has been a central figure in the NFL’s concussion crisis. As chairman of the league’s powerful research arm for more than a decade, Pellman led efforts to discredit independent scientists and presided over studies that portrayed concussions as minor injuries. His name appears 26 times in a lawsuit that contends the NFL concealed a link between football and brain damage.

But interviews and previously unpublished documents raise new questions about how Pellman — a Long Island rheumatologist with no previous expertise in brain research — came to wield so much authority over the NFL’s concussion program. Pellman, who remains employed by the league, served as Paul Tagliabue’s personal physician for nearly a decade, “Outside the Lines” and “Frontline” have learned, while Pellman led the Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Committee, which shaped the NFL’s concussion policies. As New York Jets team doctor at the same time…

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